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And now a small holiday in the small cyclades islands

Kofonessia, Amorogos and Naxos

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Yia sou ( hello is greek)
After an amazing stay on our first farm in Crete we made our way into the small cyclade islands. We started off in Kofonessia. This is one of my favorite places in all the world. It is made up of 2 islands pano Kofonessia which is the upper island and cato kofonessia which is the lower island they are about 10 minutes away from each other by a small fishermen boat. When I used to live in Greece 10 years ago I used spend lots of time on these islands crafting out and making all my bags and stuff and then I would head to the busier more posh islands and sell all my stuff...
There is literally nothing on Cato Kofonessia except for lots of goats... We were camping right on the beach and waking up to the amazing sunrise everyday. The beach we were on was called Nero which means water in Greek. There is a small well there and the goats come and visit each day to drink water...IT was an incrediable and challenging experience. It is definatly a totally different experience being alone on a deserted island and taking care of children on a deserted island... There is a lot of planning involved as you must bring all the food and water that you want with you, there is no fresh water to shower or rinse off with... There are no shops or grocery stores on this island so if your hungry you have to get on a boat and make your way up to pano kofonessia if you run out of food...
My old friend had his wedding there while we were on the island, so thee was lots of company of old friends of mine... It was very nice to be in a simple place and the children were stoked to be on the beach all the time!
WE spent about 10 days camping on this island and for this time around that was plenty of time... We were very ready for a shower and to eat at a taverna by the last day... We actually ended up leaving a day early because I had a very strange thing happen to me... I was hangin out on the beach and a fly landed in my eye... All of a sudden my eye was swollen, red and super itchy and very uncomfortable... It felt like thee was something inside of it... Good thing we decided to leave the next morning cause after a shower and looking in the mirror I realized that I had tiny, tiny worms in my eye... It was very scary and horrible feeling... I went to the clinic right away and they washed my eye out a few times... now it has been about a week and my eye seems to be back to normal... I literally got about 12 tiny worms out of my eye, 10x smaller then the size of a piece of rice... So lets pray my eye is all good...
Next, we met up with my mom and her boyfriend and they really wanted me to go to a doctor so we all ended up on Naxos island together. I had asked a bunch of locals where the eye doctor was and literally as we were trying to find his office I bumped into him and asked him if he knew where the eye doctor was... he said it's me... and rushed me in and looked into my eye was a microscope and confirmed that yes he could see a few tiny worms... He didn't seem that concerned about it which made me feel a lot better about it all... He prescribed some eye drops which my friend Charlie who is also an eye doctor said wouldn't really do much. However, now my eye seems to be all cleared up and i'm not feeling the worms anymore... Not something I would wish upon anyone ever... I'm very grateful it was me and not the children having this experience!
So now we are on the very touristy Island of Naxos staying in a vacation rental for a few more days before we begin travelling again... We are going to be taking a ferry boat in a few days to Mykonos and just spend one night there and then the next morning we will be flying out to Naples Italy... From there I have booked a few airbnbs have we have a few days to pass before the ferry boat will take us to Sardinia Italy...We will be going to Sorrento and Pompei before we take the ferry boat... Once we get to Sardinia we will be picked up by a family that has 3 children and we plan to work on their farm for the next month or so... It will be a breath of fresh air to be grounded again... traveling every few days is very tiring and I'm looking forward to being grounded and working on a farm again!!! Alright I will keep updating as things get exciting again!!!! thanks for following us!!!

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