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Napoli, Pompei and Sorrento

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We finally made it into Italy. After a very hectic night staying in Mykonos we are finally in Sorrento Italy. Mykonos is a very busy place with lots of car traffic and lots of tourists and mostly people are there to party and shop... Not really what we are into exactly... Anyway, we explored the chora( town) got the children very tired and got some not so restful sleep.
The next morning the guy from the airbnb was kind enough to give us a lift to the airport. We got dropped off at the Mykonos airport which is just as small as an airport in Jamaica or something... not much there... We got on a flight and flew to Napoli ( NAPLES) ... I had been warned from a few that it was a huge city but I really had no idea what we were getting into.... I had booked us an airbnb slightly out of the center near to the Pompeii ruins... I thought it might be more quiet? Not exactly... It was very challenging for us to find the spot. We spent a bunch of time at a pizzeria trying to get on the wifi to figure out how to find this spot... Eventually after many hours we figured out how to find the train station and then the girl was kind enough to meet us at the train station and walk us to the airbnb...
We were overwhelmed with all our bags, the 2 little ones and all the noise from the traffic and city life... Coming from being in Greek islands the last 2 months it was a lot of over stimulation... It was sure nice to be in an airbnb for the night as we were able to make our way to the grocery store and make a really nice homemade authentic dinner... The fresh pasta here is incrediable!
We had a kinda restful night and then had to be out of the spot early so we ate breakfast, packed up our bags and made our way to the train station. We had been warned by someone the day before that there was supposedly going to be a train strike... We got to the train station and waited about an hour with a big bunch of people. Of course as usual this lady was very attracted to the children and struck up a conversation with me... She was very kind and spoke very good english! Eventually her sister appeared and then they called the train station to see what was going on and they informed us that yes the trains were on strike and that this was going to be a typical Italian day... The trains weren't going to be running for many hours.
I had already booked us a hotel room in Sorrento so we had to find a way to get there... The girls were so kind to call their father have him pick them up on his moped and then she returned with her car to give us a lift to the bus stop...
We are always so blessed with kind people helping us in the moment that we need the most help! We are so blessed and guided by the universe...
Here we were back in front of the pompei ruins in the most touristy spot you could imagine... I was walking back and forth trying to speak broken Italian and figure out a bus for us to get on... After about an hour of this we found ourselves boarding a bus one way to Sorrento...
The ride was amazing through tunnels and mountains and green valleys... It was amazing to be out of the city finally and we felt way more at home!
We arrived to Sorrento and had to transfer to a local bus to make our way up the hill to our hotel Villa Igea. The hotel was nice and simple, but I sure prefer to be in airbnbs. I like having a kitchen and extra rooms while the children sleep I can actually do some work or write and not disturb their sleeping... I am literally sitting in the bathroom on the floor right now trying to catch up on internet things cause in a few days we will make our way out to the deep country and probably won't have internet for a while... if I was in an airbnb I could have a kitchen and extra rooms, maybe a balcony...
I am sad to hear that back in the Big Island one of out favorite swimming holes the warm pond has been taken by Madame Pele ( the goddess of lava) I'm sure something beautiful will come out of all this chaos, but it saddens my heart to think all our lovely memories of the spot are only the past and will no longer be possible... I'm really trying to stay present in out travels and where we are, but I have to check every now and then to make sure my farm is still ok and that my friends and family who are still there are hanging in there! Love you Big islanders!!!!!!
Anyway, We will pass a few relaxing days here we might try to venture out to the amalfi coast, but we might just stay here and relax on the beach... and eat lots of Gelato and pizza.
The children and Aaron got to experience their first Italian Gelato experience OMG it was special and I'm sure there will be many more of those in the next few days! I love Italy so glad to be back here...The food is soooo amazing! Fresh pasta, homemade gnocchi, and the gelato... Aaron said he could live here which is great as that was the point of our travels to see other possibilities of places we would love to live or spend more time! Thanks for reading I'm sure there will be more soon!!!!

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