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Serdinia, Sardegna

a short lived farm stay

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Well the whole reason we had come over to Italy was because we had arranged to wwoof on this farm in serdinia Sardgna. We took a ferry boat over from Napoli and then took a bus to a small village called Serdiana. There we were picked up by Christina a nice women who we were going to work with. She drove us to her farm and we met her and her family. When we arrived she started to mention that her husband was quite sick and the kids were just getting over being quite sick... I thought oh great what a fantastic start to this experience. There had quite a beautiful piece of land and all the structures were hand made from straw bale construction.
There were growing lots of pears, apples, quince, figs, blackberries and a big garden. On their farm they breeded horses and had about 7 of them. They also had a big flock of sheep which they milked each day and made cheese from their milk. The children were quite adorable , Rue, and Blu. Rue was 7 and Blu was 4...
At first it seemed really fun and we enjoyed it . We set up our tent and were ready for the adventure of being in a new place and looking forward to being grounded and working on a farm for a minute . Its very hard working travelling constantly with the little ones. They are very adaptable, but moving around with our heavy bags and then babies to carry is very challenging. Also now we are in Italy and I don't exactly speak fluent Italian. I'd say I'm pretty good at faking it, but its a lot easier in Greece for me where I am almost fluent.
Immediatley I jumped right in and offered to help in the kitchen. I felt like I was constantly working on this farm. The next morning we woke up early to help them at like 6am... It was hard as our children sleep in a bit and our camp site was super far from where we were working. I ended up just taking Marley with me cause I didn't want her to be scared. It was kinda hard to get anything done with a crabby , tired marley. Eventually we ended up picking pears and that was close to the tent so when Leo finally woke up we were nearby to help. It was fun and games for a couple of days by almost immediatly our kids started getting sick. Just runny noses and trouble sleeping, but everyday was getting more and more uncomfortable and dirty. They didn't really have running water and they were washing their dishes with old coffee grinds... Actually they weren't washing the plates they used they would eat and them tuck them away in a drawer leaving whatever leftovers was left and then pull out the dirty plates for the next meal. It was quite gross. The 7 year old always seemed quite upset about this and would refuse to eat till she rinsed her own dish off... I made sure to wash our plates... Anyway, we all smelled super bad by the 3 or 4th day and it was really hard to be there... We were living on a diet of bread, cheese and salad.
It was cool to get to help make homemade sheeps cheese and bread with there pizza oven. But we were kinda starting to feel like prisoners on this farm.
I was told to do the cooking so at least I was able to cook things that our children liked... They had told us from the beginning that they had not had many good experiences with people staying with them and that we would do a week trial and then go from there.... The communication was very hard as I thought I was going up and beyond untill one day I was told the opposite.
Leo kept asking us when we were going to leave and every night he would wake up screaming. It really wasn't a place that was serving us in any way. Sunday finally rolled around and he hadn't had a single moment away from the farm. I was running out of snacks for the children and they decided to take us on an outing to their friends pool. thank god as it was so hot and so dirty and we really needed a change of scenary. We passsed a really nice day with some friends of theirs we made homemade pasta together and ate a nice huge meal. Swam in the pool, played music... It was fun! Then we got home and I mentioned to her that we would probably have to take a day off the next day to go get more supplies for the kids etc. She got all angry on me and started telling me off that I was a problem that I didn't do anything etc etc etc. It was kinda nuts as literally all I had done while i had been there was help. Anyway, she failed to mention to me that she didn't consider cooking and cleaning help. It was kinda nuts... It was a good gift from the universe as we really needed to get out of their anyway. I only want to be in places where we are treated best! This was not one of them!
So I told Aaron about our crazy conversation and we decided we would pack up early the next day and take off to somewhere... We had no plan but we knew that we could not stay another day there. I was worried that we would all get sick if we stayed longer. We had no access to internet so we just packed up and walked out to say good morning and had all our bags on us and she said where are you going and we said we don't know but its not here... We were planning to walk to town but thankfully she offered us a lift to the town to catch a bus or something... We got dropped off at the wrong stop and sat for a while well many people tried to tell us we were in the wrong spot... finally a nice man grabbed us and said get in my car ( in italian) So we got a lift from him to the train stop. That was easy enough . We took a train to Cagliari the main town got off and went into a cafe for some food and to use internet and i literally it was like pulling a straw out of a hat deciding on what to do now. I ended up deciding on going to this adorable country mountain/sea town called tuelada.
Actually I had called this camp ground there and they guy said he could pick us up from the bus stop so it seemed right. Unfortunaley when we finally got there he came to the bus stop pulled up and said I can't have you stay anymore good luck.... So here we were again stuck with no place to go.... I told the family ok I'm taking a walk I'll be right back. I found a hotel up the way that had availability and it was kinda reasonable. We didn't really have a choice at this point as it was starting to get dark. We were stoked to have a bed and a shower.
Tuelada turned out to be a super cute town and very close to amazing beaches... Not that we need to see any more beaches after being in Greece for 2 months... Anyway, we liked it so much we stayed a couple nights... Every night was super fun there was a plaza that had music and dancing and a fun kids park...After that we took a bus to another town called Igelsias. Which was very cute too. We stayed in a cute airbnb next to a ancient castle. It was fun. Now we are in another place called Torre Grande. We took a train and a bus here and have spent a few nights and will spend a total of 5 nights here relaxing next to the sea... After the bad farm experience and being on the road so much it is nice to be grounded in a home with a kitchen and having some sort of routine.... We have been chilling all morning... taking a big nap and heading to the beach in the late afternoon. Then coming back to the airbnb eating dinner late and then around 9/10 taking a walk and getting gelato and going to the park... We are taking it super easy cause in a few days we fly to Venice and that will be a very busy/city part of this trip... We are winding down to our last few weeks in Europe for this moment... Its been fun, tiring and mind opening!
I am so glad that we are out of Greece right now. I guess there are some major fires happening there. I just got word from my close friend Athina who we were staying with when we first arrived that the fires were less then 1 k from her house... So glad we didn't have to experience that and that we are in another place. I was wondering the other day as the air quality seemed very bad and it didn't make any sense casue we are in the countryside... then Aaron told me about the fires... Our poor mother earth is hurting so bad!!!! Untill the next entry! CIao Bella!!! I'll be sure to get some gelato for you!

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