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Our final days in this paradise

Leos birthday and crafting up a storm!

sunny 86 °F

I am loving all the fresh vegetables… I will never get sick of greek salad… tomatoes, cucumber, homemade capers, feta…and paxi madi ( dried barley husk bread) its the best! Little Leo is turning 5. Well he had his birthday now.
We met this very sweet British family that stopped by the farm last week. They had invited us to spend Leos birthday with them. It was so amazing, they came and picked u sup at the farm and drove us over the hill to the next village Mochlos where they had a lovely home. They had such a gorgeous house with a huge swimming pool on the side of a mountain over looking the bay. We felt very Lucky to be having such an amazing day with them. Then we all head down to Mochlos town to eat at a taverna. We had lovely food and the children swam in the sea just below the restaurant. Couldn’t ask for a better scene! It is so amazing here! I love this life!
After a long day of play, Eddy was so kind to give us a lift back to the farm and i whipped up some lentil curry. And we ate like kings and afterwards I had some surprise cake that i managed to find the day before when we were in Agio Nicklos .
Leo was thrilled about the cake! Ah it was lovely birthday!
We are getting ready to take some travels away from the Votania farm and head into the small cycldes islands. My good friend from years ago is having a wedding on my favorite beach in the whole world. Kofonessia, nero. So we will head there and meet up with my good friend Athina who we stayed with in athens weeks ago.
We are going to camp for about 10 days or so on this deserted island. Afterwards ,then head to Amorgos, another island nearby that is amazingly beautiful! We are so blessed that Grandma Nani and David will be meeting us there in Amorgos and we will be on holiday together for another 10 days! Does it get any better then this? Well after that we will slowly make our way to Naples, Italy and then take a ferry boat to Sardinia where we will ground out at another farm for a while! What do you think? Wanna come with us?

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Making the best of Crete

Loving Greece!

sunny 86 °F

The time is passing so fast here. We are spending are time on the farm harvesting thyme and various herbs. When we aren’t harvesting things we are crafting and making things. Yesterday I found some great material on the beach to make a basket out of. Then we took a ride up the mountain to our friend annes house and she had this plant that she didn’t want there anymore. So we directed little Leo to prune it and he literally spent hours taking it out… Turns out it was papyrus the original paper. So I ended up using the papyrus to weave the basket with… It was a beautiful basket. Today we harvested all sorts of gorgeous herbs and made smudge sticks out of them. Today on our way down to the beach we decided to check out another direction that we hadn’t seen yet. We found some many amazing geodes and rocks… we collected a bunch and we will make some mandalas back at the farm.
The other day we ventured into the village of kouvasi. We got super lucky and didn’t have to walk all the way there we hitch hiked and then we had the energy to walk through the village. We walked all the way to the top of the town and it was so beautiful so see all the old architecture. Mostly the town was in ruins but there were some very gorgeous refurbished buildings. Make me think I want to have a flat in an old village. We found some incredible plum trees and some almonds… Its a shame as most of the almonds are rotten or full of bugs… I guess in the industry the almonds are heavily sprayed to prevent bugs etc… Organic almonds please!
I am loving all the fresh vegetables… I will never get sick of greek salad… tomatoes, cucumber, homemade capers, feta…and paxi madi ( dried barley husk bread) its the best! Little Leo is turning 5 on monday! We are going to be celebrating with our new friends here in Crete! We only have about a week left here before we head to another island! I don't really want to leave yet! The more time you pass the longer you want to stay!

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Loving Kouvasi Crete

Slowing down to the greek pace

sunny 84 °F

As days pass we watch the seedlings that we have started slowly sprouting. We have started some heriloom argula seeds that we harvested from the garden. I am anxious to get my capers fermenting... apparently all the parts of the caper plant are available to eat. It is a long process of harvesting and then soaking and then lacto fermenting in salt... If only capers would grow wild everywhere...
We planted some potatoes in the garden this morning. This evening when it cools down a bit we will go and harvest some herbs. Serene the girl who is hosting us makes amazing teas, salves and well anything you can think of that uses amazing home grown herbs... I am so inspired being away from the big island. I feel like the world is my oyster right now and that we can literally do anything! It is so refreshing to no be dealing with the stress of the lava and I am thankful that our home is so far so good. Its hard not to want to check constantly what is happening but I keep reminding myself to be present where I am and thankful for the blessing of being here and these amazing experiences we are having!
The family hosting us is so thoughtful and constantly bringing us more food and produce! We are so looked after! They are going to come stay with us this weekend and that will be nice to have a bit of direction cause at this point we are on our own on the farm and we tend to make our way down to the beach while it is super hot! And working hard isn't the main thing going on... I am trying to create more projects cause I enjoy being busy on the farm... its definatly getting hotter and hotter each day... I am glad we came in May and got to feel a minute of Spring cause omg once summer is offically here... it is going to be super hot!

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We are so Blessed!

Arrived in the village of Kouvasi

sunny 84 °F

Yia Sou ( Aloha in greek)
We finally arrived at our first Wwoofing farm outside the village of Kouvasi in Crete... it seems like it took forever to finally get into nature and back to the basics of what we are used to... Our airbnb host was kind enough to give us a ride to the bus stop so we didn't have to worry about trying to find our way again... We got the bus and took a 2.5 hour journey to the deep countryside of Crete. We passed through the most toursitey towns you could ever imagine.. I was kinda nervous as to where we were getting off but when we arrived at Kouvasi I knew we were in the right spot...
We got dropped off in this tiny village with the huge mountains nearby and literally waited about 5 minutes before our hosts found us... What a sweet family. Serene, Alex and Iari ( harry without the H) picked us up and brought us to the farm that we are staying on... It is like heaven on earth. I never thought we could find another place more quiet and tranquil then our farm in big island...
Literally you hear nothing but the waves breaking and the wind blowing in the trees... They brought boxes upon boxes of food for us and filled the kitchen and fridge up, gave us a tour of the farm and literally said enjoy we will see you soon! The amount of things they left us with was so kind. So much abundance. Freshly picked huge figs, nectarines, plums, apples, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, You could barley close the fridge there was so much! Is is very customary for Cretians to be very welcoming to say the least!
We are staying by ourselves on the farm. It is very quaint and humble. We are sleeping in a retro fitted camper van that has 2 big beds. There is also a couple of other small structures. One is a kitchen with mini fridge, sink etc all that you need to cook and be comfortable, the other a gorgeous little out door shower and another is a toliet... It is way more then I could have ever imagined... The children are in heaven... It is on a hillside over looking the sea and to the back a huge mountain... The only thing you hear is the wind and here a there a goat in the distance... The children are spending their time looking for new insects and helping us collect wild herbs...
There is a run down garden that we will be fixing up and lots an lots of herbs planted... the farm is called Votania ( herbs) They are growing mostly lavender, rosemary, thyme, oregano and lemon grass... There is a small garden used for growing food and we have been collecting seeds and starting new starts...
Yesterday was so fun we took a walk down to tholos bay ( a 10 minute walk) and on the way collected wild capers... we are going to be making capers to bring home as gifts and to eat!!! They are growing wild everywhere! You can literally eat the whole plant...
A couple of days ago the family picked us up and took us into a small village in the mountains where there is the oldest recorded olive tree that exists.. it is literally 3500 yrs old... Leo spent the time there trying to catch goats... IT was really fun! I will post some photos soon...I will write more soon too! The family is waiting for me to explore the town which we haven't done yet. There is no internet where we stay so I will try to come to town every so often to record what we are doing and our experiences! Much love!

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Finally arrived in Crete

The pace slows down and we make it to the countryside

sunny 84 °F

Yia Sou,
After a 12 hour journey on the massive ferry boat from athens to Crete we arrived to Heraklion the major port town of Crete. Marley was quite nervous about getting on the boat but once we finally departed she loved every second of it... It is such a nicer way of travelling rather then airplanes as you can walk around nd sprawl out on the carpeted floors or couches... The children and us pretty much slept the whole journey and woke up a world away from Athens in Crete. Our host family wanted us to arrive on Saturday so we thought we would spend one night in town at an airbnb getting our barrings on where we were and where we could find things that we might need before we headed out into the countryside into a super remote area of Crete.
We arrived at 6 am and the guy Nicos who was hosting us was so kind to let us drop our bags so that we would be able to spend the day exploring the amazing sweet city of Heraklion. What an amazing historical town to explore. With Venetian ruins all around the city and an incrediable amount of pedestrian streets we literally spend the whole day walking around and around, sometimes in circles... We had an amazing lunch and sampled some delicious gelato ( not as good as Italy, but close) Leo was a champion and literally walked the whole day. He is amazingly strong for an almost 5 year old. Marley had the luxury of being in the carrier most of the day and had 2 naps... we were all wishing that we were being carried around after it was mid afternoon...
Ok getting back to the airbnb wasn't as easy for us... We had a map and we knew the address but it was like a game trying to use my broken greek and asking people for directions... Eventually a cab driver approached us and said "are you lost I have seen you walking for hours where are you going" the advantage we have is that I fully understand ( ha, sometimes) and can speak nearly fluent Greek. I'm impressed with how much I remember and how quickly it all comes back. I lived here almost a decade ago, but the mind is incrediable it just comes right back when you need it to.
We were all quite exhausted when we finally made it back to the lovely house we stayed in...There was the sweetest backyard full of pomegranate ((rodi) trees and citrus... The children were very happy to collect insects and make madalas out of fallen fruit... The kids were stoked cause there was a bath so they bathed ate a lovely home cooked meal and we slept so good!

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